Simplify your marketing strategy

Do those words alone, ‘Marketing Strategy’, make you feel nervous or overwhelmed?  Do they make you want to switch off or does it make you think “oh yes, I need to do something but I don’t know where to start”.

If it’s the latter…read on! Last week alone, I met up with three business owners with these very same thoughts.  And they wanted my help to raise their sales & marketing performance.  They wanted to work with someone to show them how to be more proactive in their business, to be better planned and how to create a strategy that they could use and refer to and one that defined their approach to achieving a particular goal or set of goals for their business.

These business owners want to raise their game, expand and grow their business or they wanted to continue to compete in extremely competitive environments.

Quite often it’s these same owners who come to me and say “Facebook isn’t working”.  “My local press advertising isn’t working”.  “No-one’s engaging with me at my networking events”

My starting question is normally around an understanding of who their ideal client is (or persona or avatar).  Knowing who it is you want to work with, who you want to attract into your business, getting clear on why these ideal clients want to work with you (and why they’re not currently working with you – their objections) and what they need from you.  From there, begins the start of creating an easy to use marketing strategy.


I pride myself on keeping the work I do as simple as possible.  It doesn’t need to be confusing and for a small business owner it needs to be relatable and easy to use, update and to feel comfortable with.  Whilst I have a marketing degree and 15+ years in senior marketing positions in large retail organisations I can wheel out the most overwhelming and complicated templates and documents.  You won’t see any of these in my Thrive work!

So here’s a brief overview of what to consider with your marketing strategy.

  • Understand your business purpose
    • Why do you exist?
    • What does your brand stand for?
    • How do you want to be seen?
    • How will you be consistent via every single touch point?
  • Set your marketing objectives. What do you want to achieve from your marketing? 
    • Brand awareness
    • Acquisition or lead generation
    • Generate web traffic
    • Market research
    • Industry influence
    • Educate
    • Change reputation
    • Or, things unique to your business.


  • Get to know your audience – this includes details of your ideal client

  • Research your competition
    • Follow lots of other brands’ social channels
    • Try out your competitors – buy their products, read their reviews, explore their social media comments and watch their Insta stories
    • Search for a few key terms related to your industry, and note how active your competitors are in this space
    • Ask your customers what they think your rivals do well, and what they love about brands in other sectors too


  • Agree on the tone of voice and branding that matches the work you’ve done with your ideal client


  • Map out your approach and content
    • What, where, how and when?
    • How will you reach your ideal clients?
    • What do your ideal clients need to be hearing from you during the consideration and sales process?


  • Put in place measures for success, test and refine your marketing efforts
    • You should look to analyse, report and optimise your process
    • Look at some of the following indicators online;
      • Social media impressions / reach / video views ! Social media engagement (clicks, conversations and shares)
      • Social media community numbers
      • Website traffic and activity
    • Utilise the free native platform analytics
    • Look for customers that engage regularly
    • Review how sales are performing and try to find out where new customers have come from
    • Continue to monitor, test and refine your strategy and efforts.

With this crucial piece of work you can be more confident that you’re spending time and resources in the right places, that you’re not getting pulled into distracting away from your business, decision making becomes easier and your marketing efforts become more productive and effective.

If you do only one thing from this post, spend some time working through your Ideal Client.  You can download my free workbook here.

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